dr e murakamiLast Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending a talk held in Red Deer by Dr. E. Murakami of Hope, British Columbia. Dr. Murakami is a medical doctor that had his license removed by the Canadian Medical Association for diagnosing and treating Lyme disease.

As a result, he lost a long-standing private practice in Hope. He has since been dedicated to educating the public about the presence of Lyme disease and dispelling the myth that it is a rare condition. Dr. Murakami also spends a lot of his time consulting with patients and their receptive doctors on effective treatment for these infections.

Dr. Murakami stands as an example to other medical doctors in Canada of the risks of openly diagnosing and treating this disease.  For many people suffering in Canada, this has become a significant hurdle to getting the diagnosis and treatment they need for Lyme disease.

In an interesting turn of events, naturopathic doctors in British Columbia have recently had their scope of practice expanded to include antibiotic prescriptions. Ontario ND’s will follow this as of March 2013. Dr. Murakami has been training quite a few of the naturopathic doctors in British Columbia on the appropriate uses of antibiotics in the treatment of Lyme. This opens up the possibility of getting treatment within Canada for many patients.

In speaking with Dr. Murakami after his talk, he made it clear to me that he is very open to people making contact with him for consultation and more than willing to consult with their current doctors on treatment strategies.

Please take some time to see Dr. Murakami’s website. If you ever get the chance to hear Dr. Murakami speak, I highly recommend it. You’ll want to hear his amazing life story.