Hear from Dr. Riddle’s patients about their experiences and results.

“I do not know where I would be today without all of your extremely valuable insight into such a difficult disease to understand and treat. I still remember you telling me that you want to be able to help people enough to put yourself out of business. You have one very satisfied customer in me!! I am beyond grateful for all that you do for others, but mostly for what you have done for me, and now my husband. Thank you doesn’t seem enough when you have brought me back from what seemed like the edge of a life being bed bound and so severely sick.”

– Janet Q.

“As a professional bull rider and horseman I need my body to function as best it can to keep me going. With the help and expertise of Dr. Riddle and regular prolotherapy after major injuries has sped up my recovery time immensely and allowed me to return to riding the best. I would recommend him to anyone
serious about looking after their body and getting healthier.”

– D. B.

“I can honestly say that as a professional hockey player, I truly believed that I would never get back to playing another game in the NHL after I sustained my ankle injury. I knew that I was in good hands from the first day that I met with Dr. Riddle. He was an integral part in getting me healthy and back on the ice to where I needed to be to continue my playing career.”

– Wayne Primeau

“I was stunned at the competence and knowledge of two young Naturopathic Doctors (Dr. Shaun Riddle & Dr. Jeoff Drobot) I visited in Calgary. They have spent hundred of thousands of dollars pursuing the expertise that they now pass on to their patients, travelled the world to study the procedures and equipment of successful medical professionals, and have improved on all the diagnostics and treatment routines they have observed. I’m convinced that every doctor should use one or both of these two fine men as a model.”

– Bill Henderson

“Thank you for paying careful attention when looking through all my labs and sleuthing out all that can be fixed! Nobody else could figure out what was going on with me. It has made a world of difference.”

– Kristin H.