A journey into discovering the source of disease and how to effectively treat the whole person.

As a new doctor with a keen interest in physical fitness, many years as a personal trainer, and a science background, Dr. Riddle began with a focus on healing musculoskeletal injuries using a variety of regenerative injections.

He found it fascinating that natural therapies could provide effective and lasting relief. However, there was a very small percentage of patients who still had persistent pain that just didn’t resolve and wasn’t the result of an injury.

Dr. Riddle started investigating the possibility that chronic infections were involved. This explained the abnormal pain patterns and revealed a new way to look at autoimmune disease and neurological disorders. It clarified what led to the current state of health of his patients.

After seeing this many times, he knew there was more to learn beyond what all of his previous training and experience had taught him.

Naturopathic Doctor in Helena, Montana

Dr. Riddle’s next step was to research the best health care providers and therapies available all over the world. He completed the International Lyme & Associated Disease Society (ILADS) Physician’s Training Program where he explored leading-edge assessment and treatment strategies being employed for chronic infections.

Working with these chronic infections for a long time, it became clear there are other hidden factors that play a role in how a person’s immune system deals with these bugs. Further training in Biological Medicine in Germany and at the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland helped him uncover how the body’s environment determines the impact these infections have, which explains why people with the same infection can have significantly different symptoms. With his new advanced training in healing the foundation of the body, Dr. Riddle has been able to help tens of thousands of patients restore their physical health.

Healing the Physical Body

A variety of factors need to be addressed to bring the body back into a healthy state.

  • Environmental Exposure

  • Unbalanced Hormones

  • Nutrient Status & Deficiencies

  • Dental Health

  • Yeast & Fungal Overgrowth

  • Stress & Inflammation

  • Mold Exposure

  • Toxic Metal Accummulation

  • Diet, Lifestyle & Stress

  • Parasitic & Bacterial Infections

Looking at all these different things can be overwhelming. Dr. Riddle has learned over time how to discern what areas require the most attention for individual patients and which changes will provide the biggest impact on their health. His expertise eliminates the need for unnecessary testing, treatments, and supplements saving you time and money.

You deserve the best. Let’s get started.