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Dr. Riddle has dedicated the past 17 years to individually helping more than 20,000 people discover and heal the underlying causes of their health conditions. He has spoken at dozens of conferences in both Canada and the United States on a variety of different topics.

Inspired by his patients, Dr. Riddle has recently begun sharing insights from his extensive clinical experience with a broader audience online. Everyone should have access to world class health care.


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Over the past few years, research continues to mount that connects our digestive tract with our overall state of health, both physically and mentally. We’ve learned of the tremendous amount of nerve connections in the gut that can function independently of the brain. We also know that we have more bugs living in our gut than cells in our body.

We’ll explore our relationship with these critters through the ongoing research with the hunter-gathers called the Hadza, which give us a glimpse in the direction of the biome in which we co-evolved. Things that drive inflammation in the gut will be addressed, as well as their and impact on other organ systems in the body, including the brain. We’ll explore the topics that determine our gut health as well as learn some ways we can enhance our digestive health for a more enjoyable and resilient life.

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