Explore health reports and functional blood chemistry analysis of body systems.

Functional Analysis, Helena Montana

Functional Analysis of the standard Blood Chemistry and CBC test is the ultimate Functional Medicine diagnostic test because of the enormous amount of information that can be discovered.

Dr. Riddle takes analysis to new heights with Optimal Dx. Truly in a league of its own, this functional medicine software interprets biomarkers using ground-breaking analysis and logical methods while incorporating latest in research and practice.

Functional Health Report

The Functional Health Report uniquely organizes and creates an interpretation providing a comprehensive insight and assessment into the state of previously hidden health trends in the main body systems and its supporting accessory systems. It also reports on the status of key nutrients and trends towards clinical dysfunction while revealing the subtle, web-like patterns within the numbers that signal the first stages of functional change in your body.

Optimal Dx has produced the most powerful interpretive Functional Health Report available anywhere using algorithmic analysis that combines a collection of rules, scoring, weighting, probability, uncertainty, and inference. It helps patients really understand what’s going with their body so they can return to a state of true health and wellness.

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