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Hair analysis uncovers mineral imbalances and heavy metal deposition.

HTMA shows mineral imbalances as well as heavy metal deposition over the past three months. Mineral levels detected and imbalanced ratios give insight into the way the body is responding to stress, how the thyroid and adrenal glands are working, and whether or not heavy metals are being excreted. They also reveal causes of energy deficits to determine how to resolve energy crisis issues.

Patients are often told their blood work is normal, however HTMA will pick up issues that explain their symptoms. Blood is a transport medium used to moved various nutrients and wastes from place to place. Many nutrient levels are maintained in tight parameters within the blood stream meaning that when levels begin to drop, nutrients are pulled from tissues to maintain appropriate levels. By the time blood work detects imbalances, the body can already be in a danger zone.

HTMA offers one of the deepest ways to address underlying causes of illness. By changing the terrain of the body, we are able to change the way it responds to stress. Most importantly, it provides a framework for mineral supplementation that restores the body to optimal function.