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Herbal Supplements Helena, Montana

Medicinal botanicals comprises plants or plant extracts that may be consumed or applied to the skin. Without access to pharmaceutical drugs, many different cultures throughout the world used organic ingredients and ancient wisdom to fight illness, prevent disease, and assist in bodily functions. Today, plant-derived compounds continue to be used for healing with positive outcomes and dietary supplements have been proven effective in supporting our wellbeing.

The Importance of Supplements

Crops grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today because of soil depletion and modern agriculture. Even when being fed a balanced diet, our bodies are still deprived of essential nutrients required to thrive. Dietary supplements can be used to restore these deficits, as opposed to a replacement for healthy eating.

Herbal Supplements Helena, Montana

Herbal remedies can be extremely potent even though they do not require a prescription.

Botanical Suggestions

Navigating an industry that is not well regulated with many clever marketing claims of magic pills that cure everything, purchasing supplements is tricky. Figuring out whether something would be helpful or harmful is not easy. Will it work like it says it does? Will it interact with your other medications? Is it worth the cost? Below are some recommended guidelines to follow.

Herbal Supplements Helena, Montana

#1Don’t buy whole dried herbs from bins or jars in stores.
Dried plants deteriorate upon exposure to air, light, and moisture.

#2Look for reputable brands with pure ingredients.
Find companies that sell professional-grade products.

#3Buy products certified by a third-party testing organization.
This will ensure safety and accuracy of the ingredients.

Medicinal botanicals are powerful and may have some pretty significant interactions when combined with other medications or when taken in large doses. Just because something claims to be natural, doesn’t mean it is safe.

It is critical to seek advice and direction from a health care practitioner with a medical background and an in-depth understanding of human physiology. Dr. Riddle offers objective and evidence-based information when judging a product’s traditional and proven uses, benefits, side effects, and potential interactions.

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Dr. Riddle offers personalized professional advice about medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements to patients online and in-person at Core Wellness in Helena, Montana.

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