Dr. Riddle is available for a variety of medical treatments to support your health needs.

As a primary care provider, Dr. Riddle completes routine health exams, offers preventative care, refers to specialists, and treats a variety of Health Conditions.

Dr. Riddle can write new and re-fill prescriptions to help with your specific medical needs. All prescriptions require an in-office visit at Core Wellness.

Slowly and safely remove built up toxins and heavy metals from your body while supporting detoxification organs and pathways.

Even when eating an ideal diet, our bodies are still deprived of essential nutrients. Replenish nutritional deficiencies, enhance overall health, and increase energy.

Hormone replacement therapy for both males and females. Balance your hormones to help enjoy life again, prevent bone loss, and reduce fractures.

Fuel your body with vitamins to boost energy, immunity, mood, and more. Receive remedies directly into the circulatory system to increase absorption.

Get relief for acute and chronic injuries, as well as difficult-to-resolve joint pain. Repair musculoskeletal injuries with regenerative injections.

There are so many diets that claim to be the best and guarantee weight loss. Let Dr. Riddle help you uncover what foods are best for your unique body chemistry.

Prolotherapy is a non-surgical form of regenerative medicine that re-creates the body’s natural healing processes to strengthen joints and weakened areas.

PRP harnesses the power of your own cells to improve soft-tissue healing, reduce joint deterioration, restore hair growth, revitalize skin, eliminate chronic pain, and more.

Prolozone utilizes ozone to stimulate growth factor production of collagen and cartilage. It regenerates damaged tissues, joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Resolve autonomic nervous system dysfunction, chronic pain, and illnesses with trigger point injections by treating disturbances in the body’s electrical system.

You deserve the best. Let’s get started.