Harness the power of your own cells to heal injured tissue and rejuvenate cells.

PRP Helena Montana Injections for Pain

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a cutting-edge form of prolotherapy beneficial for reducing joint deterioration, healing damaged tissue fibers, and eliminating chronic pain. This revolutionary technique that has achieved dramatic results. PRP is used to improve soft-tissue healing, speed up recovery time for injuries, hair restoration, skin revitalization, and more.

One of the best rejuvenation ingredients comes from the blood in your own body. The platelets, one type of blood cells, contain growth factors that can trigger cell proliferation and speed healing. PRP injections use a high concentration of a patient’s own blood platelets to supply injured areas with natural proteins, cytokines, stem cells, and other bioactive growth factors.

How PRP Works

PRP is derived from your own blood, separated from red blood cells by a centrifuge. It contains growth factors that call upon your body’s own healing mechanisms by naturally triggering localized inflammation, collagen production, and other regenerative processes. Research shows that these growth factors help provoke cell replication, proliferation of myoblasts, vascular endothelial growth, and insulin-like growth factor that carry out repair of skeletal and muscular structures.

PRP Helena Montana
PRP Helena Montana
PRP Helena Montana
PRP Helena Montana

Conditions That Respond

Normal blood consists of about six percent platelets while PRP consists of about 94 percent platelets. These super concentrated platelets stimulate the secretion of growth factors and the creation of new blood vessels to create youthful tissue and repair targeted areas. PRP injections can be performed in muscles, tendons, and ligaments all over the body. The following conditions and injuries have found success with PRP.

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Tendonitis & Tendonopathy
  • Hair Loss

  • Muscle Strains

  • Joint & Ligament Sprains

  • Chronic Pain

  • Skin Rejuvenation

  • Chronic Ligament Conditions

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Joint Inflammation

  • Planter Fasciitis
  • Cartilage Problems

  • Jumper / Runner’s Knee

  • Bursitis

  • Mensical Injury

History of PRP

PRP Injections for Pain Helena, Montana

A relatively new therapy, PRP was discovered by researchers in the 1970s. It was initially developed to increase blood platelet count in individuals with low levels. Several years later, it was used in dental and cosmetic surgery to cut down on blood loss during operations. Eventually in the early 2000s, PRP expanded into orthopedics to treat the musculoskeletal system.

PRP became mainstream when professional golfer Tiger Woods announced that he received treatment just before his comeback in 2010. As a result, many professional and collegiate athletes now use PRP to address a variety of injuries. While gaining popularity in sports, others experiencing a range of injuries utilize PRP to heal.

More recently, PRP is proving to be effective for hair restoration, transformative in a number of cosmetic procedures, and even successful in enhancing sexual health.

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