Treatment Plans

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Customized plans are created to help patients meet their health goals.

Since each person and their situation is unique, Dr. Riddle develops individual treatment plans.

Based on extensive training, current research, and clinical experience, the clearest path to wellness is chosen.

The most pressing symptoms are addressed first to provide relief followed by applicable therapies to correct underlying causes of illness.

Patients are not put on generic programs that solely pay attention to certain areas because our bodies are complexly distinct and interconnected.




This process allows for personalized care. Since almost all illness is a result of long-term disturbances in functionality, knowledge and prevention are key.

Step 1 – Assess

The whole person is evaluated with a patient-centred approach.

  • Dr. Riddle listens to his patients and relevant physical exams are performed.
  • Specialized testing and recent lab work reveal areas of concern.

Step 2 – Treat

Evidence-based therapies are suggested for peak vitality and wellness.

  • Tailored interventions with targeted results make patients feel better!
  • Healthy physiological processes become restored or significantly improved.

Step 3 – Optimize

All areas of health increase to provide a higher quality of life.

  • A strong and robust body terrain is re-balanced to ward off future illness.
  • Sources of potential emerging disease within the body are eliminated.